Community contribution
€173 k
Planted trees
Long-term CO2 savings
8,230.8 t

Why planting trees is good in the long run

Reforestation is one of the most effective methods to fight climate change according to recent studies.

With the help of our partner myclimate and local communities, we plant trees in Nicaragua.

What is the project about?

The reforestation initiative is located near a critical watershed that feeds into Nicaragua’s most important estuary, the Estero Real. The local community will reforest the region, which will not only store CO2, but also help conserve the wetlands that host unparalleled biodiversity.

The project area covers 86 square kilometers and empowers rural communities to take control of their resources.

On what basis are the carbon emissions calculated?

“What amount of CO2 emissions does a single air traveller cause?” This was the question that Lufthansa’s environmental specialists set out to answer, together with their SWISS and myclimate colleagues. To do so, they analyzed data from over 43,000 flights.

How does this work exactly?

We will transfer the contribution of your money less administrative and transactional costs to our partner myclimate, so the community in Nicaragua gets the most out of your contribution.

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