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Travel is an important part of our lives – it brings people together, strengthens our business relationships, and breaks down cultural barriers. Today, it is impossible to imagine a world without flying. This makes it all the more important to travel responsibly. The first step towards more responsibility is transparency. We need to understand our individual travel patterns in order to take responsibility and make a change.

That's why we developed Compensaid. Compensaid allows you to offset your CO2 emissions. For the first time, you can reduce your emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Thanks to this innovative fuel technology, you can make your flights more sustainable right now. Furthermore, together with our Partner myclimate, we offer a portfolio of climate protection projects to offset carbon emissions in the long run.

Community flight distance
118,414,242 km

Every action counts

Start compensating your flights and join a community of responsible travelers. Let's increase our contribution to a more sustainable future for travel together.

Carbon emissions
by the community
10,411.65 t
Offsetting through trees in 20 yrs
8,599.24 t

51595 Trees = 8,599.24 t CO2

Instant CO2 savings through SAF
1,812.41 t

Estimated CO2 impact through SAF compared to regular fuel

885107 L = 1,812.41 t CO2

44853 Flights
  • Short-haul 23949
  • Medium distance 15655
  • Long-haul 5249
Air carriers
107 Airlines
  • Swiss International Air Lines 22149
  • Lufthansa 15673
  • Unknown 3391
  • Eurowings 1047
  • Austrian Airlines 873
  • Brussels Airlines 218
  • LOT Polish Airlines 181
  • United Airlines 133
  • Scandinavian Airlines System 129
  • Turkish Airlines 81
Flight time
101 days 16:29 hrs
  • Shortest flight 0:19 h
  • ∅ flight 3:08 h
  • Longest flight 19:55 h
132 Countries
  • Germany 14892
  • Switzerland 11053
  • Spain 2386
  • United Kingdom 1993
  • Austria 1587
  • Italy 1477
  • United States 1454
  • Greece 922
  • Portugal 859
  • France 839
Community kerosene consumption
4,006 k liters
Community contributions
1.09 m
CO2 offsetting
51595 Trees

51595 Trees = 8,599.24 t CO2

Bought SAF
885 k liters

Estimated CO2 impact through SAF compared to regular fuel

885107 L = 1,812.41 t CO2

Compensate now and invest
in a more sustainable future

Travel contributes significantly to global CO2 emissions. That's why it is critical for the travel industry to curb these emissions. At the same time, every traveler can help accelerate the progress towards a more sustainable future. With our reliable partner myclimate, we have created a platform that enables everyone to offset their CO2 emissions and do something today to make their flights more sustainable.

Community contribution
Fly with Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Community contribution
Reforestation in Nicaragua

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